Race Info

Race Info

What is the Killarney Adventure Race?

The Killarney Adventure Race is a one day multi adventure sport race.

This race gives competitors the chance to run, hike, cycle and kayak some of the most
dramatic, breathtaking and remote scenery in the world.

There are 3 different routes options to suit all levels of fitness:

70km Expert 60km Pro 27km Sport

You can enter either as an individual or as a 2/3/4 person relay team.

When, Where & How Much?

How much:

Date 27km Sport 60km Pro 70km Expert Relay
Dec 1-31 €65 €75 €75 €45
Jan 1-Mar 1 €70 €80 €80 €50
Mar 2-Sep 1 €75 €85 €85 €55
Sep 2-Sep 12 €80 €90 €90 €60
Oct 2 Expo €95 €95 €95 €60

Buddy Offer: Enter 2 people into the same race and each person will receive a €5 discount.

When: Saturday 3th October 2015

Where: Killarney Co. Kerry

Registration fees include:

  • Customised finishers medal
  • Events T-shirt
  • The famous Japanese hot tubs at the finish line
  • Prizes in all categories
  • Massage at finish line
  • Free post race party and food voucher
  • Kayak rental
  • Bus transfer to start line
  • A great atmosphere and a fun day out
  • Fully marshalled course
  • Goodie Bag
Waves & Categories

What is a Wave Time?
The race starts in staggered groups of 150 people. You can select a time to start the race from 7.00am to 11.00am depending on which race distance you are taking part in.

Selecting a Wave Time
When registering online please choose a wave time that best suits you fitness ability and your choice of route. You will not be able to change your wave time.

Elite Category
Enter this category if you think you have a chance of winning the race or are an experienced adventure racer. You can only win a prize if you are entered in this category.

Runner Category
Enter this category if you have some experience at adventure racing, triathlons and have all good overall level of fitness.

Jogger Category
Enter this category if this is your first adventure race and have a reasonable level of fitness.

Walker Category
Enter this category if you plan to walk and completion of the route is your overall aim.

Wave Times:

Wave Route Category Bus departure times from Gleneagle Hotel Approx start time Start locatiion
Wave 1 70k Expert Elite 07.00 07.30 Kate Kearney’s Cottage
Wave 2 60k Pro Elite 07.30 08.00 Kate Kearney’s Cottage
Wave 3 70k Expert Runner 08.00 08.30 Kate Kearney’s Cottage
Wave 4 70k Expert Jogger/Walker 08.30 09.00 Kate Kearney’s Cottage
Wave 5 Relay Relay 08.30 09.00 Kate Kearney’s Cottage
Wave 6 60k Pro Runner 09.00 09.30 Kate Kearney’s Cottage
Wave 7 60k Pro Jogger/Walker 09.30 10.00 Kate Kearney’s Cottage
Wave 8 60k Pro Jogger/Walker 10.00 10.30 Kate Kearney’s Cottage
Wave 9 27k Sport Runner 10.00 No bus required – Gleneagle Hotel
Wave 10 27k Sport Jogger/Walker 10.20 No bus required – Gleneagle Hotel
Wave 11 27k Sport Jogger/Walker 10.40 No bus required – Gleneagle Hotel
Wave 12 27k Sport Jogger/Walker 11.15 No bus required – Gleneagle Hotel
Wave 13 27k Sport Jogger/Walker 12.00 No bus required – Gleneagle Hotel

70km Expert
Overall male & female 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Over 40s 1’s male & female 1st
Over 50s 1’s male & female 1st

60km Pro
Overall male & female 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Over 40s 1’s male & female 1st
Over 50s 1’s male & female 1st

27km Sport
Overall male & female 1st

Relay team: First team across the line

Team prize: Best 4 combined times (all 4 must team members must complete the long course).

One prize per entrant.

Prize sponsors:
Winners in all categories will receive Helly Hansen gear, Great Outdoors vouchers, O’Sullivan Cycles vouchers and Free Entries into the 2016 Race.

The main category winners will receive Helly Hansen Voucher for €500

Competitors must enter the Elite wave to win the overall category prizes.

Relay Team Information

You can enter a 2/3/4 person relay team in the race. All members of the relay team will be involved in the race from the start to finish.

There is no relay option for the 27Km route. This option is only available for the 60Km Pro & 70Km Expert Routes.

Before the race:

  • All relay team members must collect their race packs together at The INEC Killarney on Friday the 2nd of October.
  • Each relay team will receive one race number and timing chip.
  • All relay team members will receive a finisher’s medal and custom made race t-shirt.
  • Each relay team members must carry the mandatory kit at all times.
  • You must decide before the race who will be doing each stage of the race.

Race day:

  • All relay team members must come to the Gleneagle Hotel at the allocated wave time. There will be a wave start especially for all the relay teams. A bus will transfer all relay team member to the start line.
  • Your 1st relay team member will start the race with the timing chip and race number.
  • Other team members can see of the 1st team member at the start line.
  • After the race starts the remaining team members will be transported to the 1st transition area at Kate Kearney’s to wait for your 1st team member to come in.
  • The Race number and timing chip will them be transferred in the Bike transition area to the 2nd member of the relay team. Your 2nd team member will then complete the 2nd stage of the route on the bike.
  • We will then transfer your 1st team member and the remaining team member to the 2nd transition area at Torc Waterfall.
  • Team members can then wait at this transition to transfer the number and timing chip for the team members who are completing the Kayak stage, mountain run stage and final bike stages of the route.
  • Remaining members can then walk to the finish line where they can see the final member of the team cross the finish line and all team members will then receive a medal and post race refreshments.
Race Rules & Guidelines
  • Mandatory Kit must be worn or carried as appropriate and as specified
  • There are no road closures for the cycling routes competitors must follow the road traffic laws
  • All competitors must follow the prescribed route
  • Checkpoints must be visited in the correct order
  • Obey the environmental policy. Any competitor found littering by race marshals or fellow competitors can be reported and disqualified
  • Respect the local environment
  • Assist any persons who are in difficulty and report it to closest race marshall
  • Competitor’s must enter the Elite wave to win the overall category prizes
  • The Race Director’s decision is final
  • Competitors must be over 16yrs to take part in the 27k route and over 18yrs for the 60k and 70 routes
Environmental Rules & Policy

Killarney is one of the most spectacular locations in the world. The course encompasses areas of special conservation, national park and environmental sensitive bog and woodland. It is the objective of all competitors to leave it the way they find it and ensure adventure racing is a environmentally sustainable sport.

We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to hold the race in the national park and we are sure it will be one of the elements of the event you will remember.

We aim to minimize the impact the race has on residents and families in the proximity of the race route. We appreciate fully their cooperation in the running of the event.

It is of paramount importance that all competitors respect the following environmental policy:

  • Competitors must keep to the defined route and do not take short cuts.
  • Any competitors found littering will be automatically disqualified.
  • Respect the environment.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Race?
You can registration for the race online or download the postal application form from our web site. There are limited places available so register now not to be disappointed.

Where do I check in my bike on Friday Night?
Your bike can be checked in on Friday the 2nd October from 2.00 to 23.00 at the INEC Killarney (Gleneagle Hotel).

Can I register my bike on Saturday morning before the race?
No. Only bikes registered on Friday will be allowed to take part in the race.

What are the race categories?
There are 4 race categories: Elite, runner, jogger and walker

Which Category should I enter?
Enter the following category which best describes your fitness level:

Elite: Enter this category if you think you have a chance of winning the race or are an experienced adventure racer.
Runner: Enter this category if you have some experience in adventure racing, triathlons and have a good overall level of fitness.
Jogger: Enter this category if you are entering an adventure race for the first time, are involved in a sports club and you have a reasonable level of fitness.
Walker: Enter this category if you plan to walk and completion of the route is your overall aim.

When registering online be sure to select your category

What is the distance breakdown?
A full breakdown of the route is available here >>

What type bike should I use?
The choice of bike is an individual choice. 100% of the cycle route is on sealed country roads of varying quality. The most suitable bike would be a road bike and least suitable would be a Mountain Bike.

Do I need any specialist equipment?
Apart from the basics (bike, helmet, running shoes) you do not need any specialist equipment. We will provide you with a kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid. A full list of mandatory equipment is available by clicking the ‘Rules and Mandatory Kit List’ button on the left.

Do I have to have any specialist map reading or mountain skill to compete in the race?
No. You will be provided with a map. The route is marked out with signs and race Marshalls will also be on hand along the route.

What is your refund policy?
When entering the event it is part of the terms and conditions that it is a non-refundable and non-transferable payment policy.

Is there any water available along the route?
The exact locations of water stops will be highlighted on the map given to you at registration. You will be required to bring water with you on you for the duration of the race. There will be water available at:
– Torc Waterfall
– Base of Mangerton Mountain
– Finish line

Who provides my Kayaks?
The event organisers will provide all kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aid. Competitors will not be allowed to bring their own kayaks due to the remote location of the kayak stage.

Do I need my own kayak, buoyancy aid or paddle?
No. The event organisers will provide all kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aid. Competitors will not be allowed to bring their own Kayaks due to the remote location of the Kayak stage.

How is the race timed?
Your race time and your progress through each stage is timed using a ‘dibber’ which is attached to your wrist. We use a system supplied by SportIdent, more information can be found on their web site

Where are the time out sections?
There is only one time out section on the route. Between stage 2 and stage three there is a time out zone where competitors can be timed out while waiting for a kayak. The maximum amount of time allowed in the time out zone is 15 minutes.

Can I compete in the race as a team?
Yes, you can compete the race an individual or as a 2/3/4 person relay team. When registering online you can enter a team name and the quickest cumulative 4 times from any team will win a prize.

What can I leave with my bike at base camp?
You must leave your bike at base camp on Friday night in Kate Kearney’s Cottage. The bike will be placed on a secure bike racking system and will be monitored by security all night. You can leave your helmet, water, energy bars with your bike. All other mandatory Kit must be brought to the start line.

How can I contact Killarney Adventure Race if I have any more questions?
Feel free to contact us with any questions by or call Ollie on 087 6024621

Can I listen to my iPod during the race?
No. It is extremely dangerous to listen to music whilst cycling as the roads are not closed and are open to local traffic.

How much does it cost to enter?

Date 27km Sport 60km Pro 70km Expert Relay
Dec 1-31 €65 €75 €75 €45
Jan 1-Mar 1 €70 €80 €80 €50
Mar 2-Sep 1 €75 €85 €85 €55
Sep 2-Sep 12 €80 €90 €90 €60
Oct 2 Expo €95 €95 €95 €60

Do I have to wait for my partner at the kayak section?
You can wait in the time out zone for maximum of 15 minutes. There will be other people in the kayak section who have no partner so you might have to kayak this section with them as your partner on the double sit on top kayaks.

Can I raise money for charity?
Yes. We encourage everybody to raise money for charity.

What Items are included in the mandatory kit?
It is vital that all competitors bring the following mandatory kit list with them from the start.

  • Basic First Aid Kit (Min: 1 x Dressing Pad (field dressing), Bandage, Plasters
  • Map of the route (included in your race pack)
  • Survival blanket and whistle
  • Appropriate food and drink. There will be limited water re-filling points on the course
  • Cycle hat, bike repair kit, spare tube, pump
  • Hat, gloves and waterproof jacket
  • Suitable footwear
  • Backpack or bum bag

All kit will be checked at Friday night base camp registration

Bike Rental

Bike Rental is available for the Killarney Adventure Race

How it works:
1. Please fill-in the form at the bottom of this page.
2. You must collect your bike on Friday the 2rd October at the Adventure Race Expo located at the Gleneagle Hotel Killarney.
3. At the Expo our bike mechanics will fit the bike for you and make sure you are comfortable with the bike.
4. The bike will then be transported by us to the start line and it will be waiting for you at the transition area.
5. The bike rental includes: Suitable bike, bike pump & spare tube.
6. Helmet is provided.
7. When you finish the race you can leave the bike at the transition area and our team will take it from you.
8. The cost of Bike Rental is: €30 for the Hybrid bike suitable for the short route. €50 for the road bikes suitable for the longer routes. This must be paid for on collection at the expo.
9. Limited number of bike available. Booking early is advised.


1. Online


Online registration are subject to an online registration fee.

2. By Post


Please note postal applications forms need to be returned by the 6th of July 2015.

3. Local Shops
O’Sullivans Outdoor Shop New Street Killarney, Landers Tralee, Great Outdoors Dublin,

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